Today's video comes from one of the most important artists in country music history, back near the very beginning of their success. Do you think you know what video this picture comes from?

This clip was released in the mid-'80s, and it was actually this singer's very first video, although they'd already had a pretty long career at that point. Written by Kendal Franceschi and Quentin Powers, this song was the first single released from this artist's 10th studio album, and it was a huge breakthrough, not only becoming the first in a long string of No. 1 hits for this star, but also winning the singer a Grammy award.

This video was filmed partly in a very historic American city, and the scene above depicts a pretty famous monument from that town. Other shots in the video include a playful snowball fight, a romantic dinner and dramatic scenes set in a kitchen. The artist who stars in this clip is known for some elaborate stage costumes, but in this video they opted for a dressed-down look that suits the character they're playing.

This song and video helped launch the singer into a career that includes films, television, multi-media and much more, and it's still a fan favorite all these decades later. Now do you think you know what video this picture is from? Click below to see if you're right, and to try your hand at more country music video trivia.