This snapshot from a music video is just a glimpse at how beautiful the entire visual is. The music comes from the top of mountains with bright blue skies, and the entire three minutes are simply breathtaking. Do you think you know this scenic video?

We'll give you a few hints about this clip from a duo. The song dropped back in February of 2001, and it was an important one for them because it was the very first single fans heard from one of their albums. It laid the groundwork for the music to come. The tune didn't climb to No. 1, but it did go pretty high up, stopping just shy of the top spot at No. 2.

The music video parallels the song. A confused woman in love is frustrated with her man, so she decides to pack up and leave. Judging by the visual, it's not an easy choice, but she makes it anyway. The man seems heartbroken over the loss of his love, but once his lady has time to think, she turns her car around and goes home where she belongs. The duo can be seen in the video, singing at the top of gorgeous mountains.

Do you think you can figure out what music video we're referring to? Click below and see if you're right! Good luck!