We've all been in the same shoes as the girl in this video. She's stuck at her desk working when all of her friends are ready for a fun weekend in the country. She can't join them, so she plays a song that transports her right where she wants to be for a fun adventure.

The weekend is drawing near, and a pretty brunette is sitting at her desk when her friend asks her to come on an adventure. Unfortunately, she's working for the weekend and can't join them on the trip, so her friend sends her a song that celebrates the country. Instantly, her desk and cubicle disappear and she's in a lush green countryside.

She roams the greenery before taking a ride on the hillside with a handsome man in the driver seat. They kick off their shoes, sway in a hammock and canoodle before getting caught in the rain for the intimate kiss pictured above. Do you think you know this video?

The singer is also seen through the clip, playing with a band, just not out in the countryside. This song was released in 2012 and became the singer's very first No. 1 hit. It was the first single from the album of the same name as the single. Have any guesses? Try your hand at it below.