After all the drama concerning her secret marriage and new relationship with fellow cast(mate)away Keith Tollefson that followed Whitney Duncan's appearance on 'Survivor: South Pacific,' the country singer is still capitalizing on her appearance and her time on the series. She is currently auctioning off the XS -- that's "xtra small" sized -- Victoria's Secret bikini she often wore on the show.

Duncan tweeted about the bikini auction, posting this note: "Bid on my #Survivor Red Bathing Suit." The link in the tweet sends you right on over to this eBay listing.

While we were immediately reminded of dressing room warnings about trying on bathing suits, this two-piece was at least worn by someone who is somewhat famous. It could be considered a piece of pop culture lore and could eventually be worth something for posterity. The listing does not indicate that the swimsuit is being auctioned off for charity.

It's likely that a super duper 'Survivor' diehard or a rabid Whitney Duncan fan will place a bid on this itsy bitsy teenie weenie red bikini.

As of press time, there were 20 bids on the suit, with the winning bid topping out at $103.50. There are still nine days left to offer up a bid, if you want to own this item. Happy bidding, 'Survivor' and Whit fans.

We also wanted to point out, for the 'Survivor' diehards, that Tollefson's board shorts from the show are also up for auction. You can find those here. So far there is one bid for 99 cents. The proceeds will be used to fund an "inspirational clothing line."