Over 300 people are still searching for Holly Bobo -- cousin of country singer Whitney Duncan -- who was abducted from her Decatur County, Tenn. home early Wednesday. Though she has not yet been found, police recovered a white lunch box and traces of blood near the young woman's house.

"Everybody is dedicated to this search," Kevin Cagle, director of the Decatur County Emergency Management Agency, tells reporters. Searchers resumed their hunt today, Saturday, after heavy winds, rain, and hail halted things on Friday. "We have a couple of different command posts set up," Cagle says. "We've got ATVs, horses ... Foot searchers."

It was originally believed that Bobo was forcibly dragged into the woods near her home by a man in camouflage. It has since been brought to light by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation that she was led by her arm or hand, and complied because she may have been scared for her life.

Bobo, a 20-year-old nursing student at University of Tennessee Martin, was getting ready to leave for school when she was taken during a home invasion around 7:30AM. Her older brother, who witnessed the encounter, mistook the abductor for Bobo's boyfriend -- but when he went outside and spotted blood on the ground, he called police. It has not been confirmed that the blood is Bobo's, but law enforcement did recover her white lunch box nearby. Neither the brother nor the boyfriend are immediate suspects in the case.

In a news conference with Bobo's parents on Thursday, her father said that he believes the intruder may have been someone close to the family.

Anyone who might know anything about Bobo’s disappearance is urged to contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND. A $25,000 reward has been issued for any information leading to her safe return.