The 'X Factor' field has been trimmed to the Top 32, leaving North Carolina's Tim Cifers as the only contestant with country credentials. The 29-year-old impressed judges and viewers when he opened up a group performance of Rascal Flatts' 'I Won't Let Go' on Thursday night. He was the only contestant in his group to make the cut.

Cifers hopes his baritone voice will set him apart from other contestants competing for the $5 million prize. He's a songwriter and a singer, and admits he leans toward more traditional artists in both areas, although he's not afraid to liven things up by singing songs by contemporary artists like Jason Aldean or Blake Shelton. He's also a Justin Moore fan, and has met the singer on at least one occasion.

In the 'X Factor' boot camp interview below, Cifer shares that he's missing his wife and two kids while in Los Angeles, but that he also thinks about his mother. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. "Doctor visits are going well. Chemo is going excellent. She's in the best spirits she can be, so God really blessed us given the circumstances," he says.

If he wins, Cifer won't go gaga with his money. He says he'll pay off debts and help others first. In fact, he hopes to not be going "Gaga" at all. The one fear he has centers around the sensational pop singer. "Someone asked me what would I do if Simon asked me to sing a Lady Gaga song. I said, 'Probably pass out.' But I think I hope I can rearrange it into my own style."

Ironically, his hometown of Willow Springs, N.C. is just 13 miles from Scotty McCreery's hometown of Garner, N.C. There must be something in the sweet tea that helps singers from that area. Cifers has his own fan page on Facebook, but hasn't updated it since the show began.

Watch Tim Cifers' 'X Factor' Boot Camp Interview

Watch Tim Cifers + His Group Sing Rascal Flatts' 'I Won't Let Go' on 'X Factor'