This country singer had the name of a country music legend inked on his left arm early in 2012. That's "L-E-F-T-Y," and since there is only one famous "Lefty" in country music, one should be able to determine who he is paying tribute to. But who was so influenced by Lefty Frizzell that he endured a few hours of pain for a lifelong piece of body art? 

The singer is know for his laid-back and carefree style musically, as well as a train engineer's cap that usually rests above a big smile. He's been in Nashville for years, but only found success after releasing his debut album on Sony Nashville in 2010. Perhaps later he'll write 'One More Inking Song' [insert canned laughter here]. Click the big button below to find out if your guess is right and see more country music tattoos.