Will Hoge isn't necessarily country, but his friends are. The Nashville native, who helped pen Eli Young Band's latest hit 'Even if It Breaks Your Heart,' is currently out on the Country and Cold Cans Tour with EYB and 'Home' hitmaker Dierks Bentley. There, it seems that Hoge has found sort of a 'home away from home' of his own.

The singer, who is certainly no stranger to country music crowds, having performed at the Opry, just released his brand new album, ‘Number Seven,’ to iTunes. While out on tour with the country crooners, Hoge is keeping a diary of all of the hilarious happenings, which we're happy to share with you exclusively. In the second entry, Will Hoge writes:

So the Country and Cold Cans Tour stopped in Augusta, Maine last night (May 3). Great crowd. First time we've ever played this fine state. The Eli Young Band had some trailer issues out west and didn't have any of their gear for the show. They asked to use ours and as good as they've been to us, of course we said yes. It was cool during soundcheck to stand out front and hear our amps and our drums. They sounded great! Then during the show, my amp went out. Uh oh!  Sorry James. They played threw it and their crew remedied the situation quickly. Dierks and the band had another great night. It's really educational/entertaining for me to stand out at the front of house mix position every night and watch it all go down.

It was Jay's (Dierks' stage manager) birthday so we threw him a little shindig afterwards. All 3 bands plus an Eric Church impersonator who popped out of a box just for Jay - and YES…here's proof:

Now it's time for bed and we will report back later.
Thanks y'all