Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show took a visit to Willie Nelson's infamous tour bus on Sept. 30, before the country legend was set to visit the show. Fallon, clearly excited to be invited onto Nelson's bus, lets fans in on the fun in a 90-second clip.

"Willie Nelson, thank you so much for having me on the tour bus before the show. This is awesome!" Fallon exclaims while Nelson looks on with a smile.

Since Nelson is not adding much to the conversation, Fallon continues his one-sided chat.

"Tour bus looks great! I guess this makes it easy to go 'On the Road Again'" Fallon quips as Nelson deadpans.

Still no word from Nelson, so Fallon then asks which songs he'll be performing later that evening. Fallon then begins to list some of Nelson's hits and even sings a few lines. Meanwhile, Nelson looks on and nods in unison, his eyes getting bigger and bigger.

Fallon then suggests the two grab a bite to eat after the show. He throws out several options for food: Italian, Chinese and Thai, all of which Nelson looks on impassively. Quickly getting the hint that maybe he's not as welcome as he thought, Fallon decides to leave while he still can.

"This was fun. You're not much of a talker, are you?" he asks before heading back to prep for his show.

At that point, it's been slightly over a minute since his visit began, and Nelson exhales a massive cloud of smoke in Fallon's face.

"How 'bout Mexican?" Nelson asks nonchalantly.

Now engulfed in smoke and coughing up a lung, Fallon simply replies "Si" as he walks off the bus. Watch the hilarity ensue above.

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