Jimmy Kimmel wants it know that the hundreds of thousands of people at South by Southwest — happening now in Austin, Texas — aren't drunk, that's a stereotype. They're high, too.

The host hit the streets to ask questions of a bunch of people he assumed may be under the influence, calling it the "Pot Quiz." And although many people couldn't answer the really tough questions, Willie Nelson could.

"There's a lot of focus on how much people drink here at SXSW, and people aren't just drinking," Kimmel tells viewers in the clip above. "People aren't just drinking, it's a stereotype. People are also smoking marijuana."

The "Pop Quiz" segment is one they occasionally do in Los Angeles for the show, but it got a marijuana makeover for the music festival and conference this week. Most individuals would openly admit to smoking marijuana, but couldn't name things like the mayor of Austin (even if they did know the mayor on The Simpsons). They couldn't say who died at the Alamo, but could say who died multiple times on South Park. They couldn't name Supreme Court justices, but could name the Kardashians — proof that entertainment has more mass appeal than history.

Nelson, a marijuana advocate, then had his turn to answer the same questions. He knew that Mount Everest was the highest mountain in the world ... and he knows who the highest singer is, too.

"Who's the highest musician in the world?" the reporter asks. Nelson admits it's him.

"I can't believe he didn't know that was FDR," Nelson says, criticizing a festival attendee. "He must be smoking better s--- than I got."

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