'X Factor' wannabes Lakoda Rayne are finally the perfect blend of country and pop. It just took them a few episodes and performances to demonstrate who and what they are.

On tonight's movie-themed episode of 'X Factor,' the all-girl foursome tackled Keith Urban's 'I Wanna Love Somebody Like You' from 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.' The girls were dressed in all-white outfits with cowgirl accessories, like brown suede belts and lots of fringe. They finally brought the twang to the 'X Factor' stage -- and we must admit, the show has been sorely lacking in the country department, unlike its competitor 'American Idol.' The best way to show off your country-pop leanings is to sing a country-pop song. The song choice could not have been better.

Each girl's voice rose to the occasion during the performance, and we were able to hear every one of them, which was also a first for Lakoda Rayne.

The group's obvious challenge was finding an identity and forging chemistry, since they were castoffs strung together by the judges during the audition phase. They already have developed a sister-like bond, which was the hard part. The chemistry is there and is effortless. Now they are furthering their identity.

"You've become my favorite girl group in the entire competition," judge L.A. Reid said. Uh, they are the only all-girl group, so that felt like a backhanded compliment courtesy of the judge. Kentucky-born judge Nicole Scherzinger said she'd be really popular "if I brought y'all home," with her country girl accent rearing its head for the first time.

Lakoda Rayne may be headed for a Pepsi commercial and a $5 million contract if they keep this up!

Watch Lakoda Rayne Perform Keith Urban's 'I Wanna Love Somebody Like You'