While there's no bonafide country singer on 'X Factor' like there was on 'American Idol' last season – you may have heard of the winner, this kid Scotty McCreery -- that doesn't mean that country isn't being properly represented on the reality talent competition. On tonight's episode, 59-year-old singer Leroy Bell, who is a member of the show's 'Over 30s' category, offered up his take on Lonestar's 'I'm Already There.'

While Bell has a deep, rousing and soulful voice, not to mention that he looks much younger than he actually is, he didn't fully connect with the song and as a result, his delivery wasn't as strong as we've seen from him in previous episodes. He seemed uneasy and uncomfortable when singing this tune; it was as though he wasn't confident that he would do right by the song. The thing is we know Bell could easily translate this song in a soulful way. We just need him to believe it! It's not always easy to tackle a country song when you're not a country artist, but this song certainly lends itself to different interpretations.

It's worth noting that Bell is not demonstrative. When he was picked to go on to the live shows, he wasn't overly joyous. He's more of a quiet emoter, which is why we think he could have done better with 'I'm Already There.'

Judge L.A. Reid quickly commented that the song choice was wrong, even though he loves Bell's voice.
However, his mentor Nicole Scherzinger came to his defense and his rescue, saying that "sometimes less is more" and telling her charge that he likely made his family, especially his son, proud. The song is family-oriented, so we understand her point.

Watch Leroy Bell Perform Lonestar's 'I'm Already There' on the 'X Factor'