'X Factor' contestant Skyelor Anderson impressed judges during his first audition with his version of Billy Currington's 'Must Be Doing Something Right,' and proved on Thursday night that he isn't going to be a one hit country wonder. The 16-year-old took on Kevin Sharp's 'Nobody Knows' and left judge L.A. Reid and guest judge Rihanna impressed.

"Before I turn 17 I would love to be the youngest black country singer," Anderson said before he began. He shared that he's lived through enough sorrow to write his first album. Just two years ago, his brother was shot nine times and killed in a robbery. Prior to that, his father died of cancer. The humble high schooler said that if won the $5 million prize, he'd probably help out his mother and buy some property.

At the end of Anderson's performance, Reid privately questioned how country the South Haven, Miss. teen really was, but agreed with Rihanna that he had loads of potential if he was receptive to some polishing. It wasn't immediately made clear if Anderson will be amongst the four men in Reid's group to move on to the live rounds.

"It means a lot to me. I wanna be a country singer for the rest of my life," Anderson said.

Listen to Skyelor Anderson Sing 'Nobody Knows' on 'X Factor'