Zac Brown Band chose this lovers' holiday to premiere their sad new 'Colder Weather' music video, which recants the tale of romance separated by less-than-ideal conditions.

This icy video tells the lonely story of a lover whose heart is broken by the man who can't seem to stay, as is painted by the line "I love you but I leave you / I don't want you, but I need you."

The couple's achy story is shown in snowy black-and-white scenes as the band plays the hauntingly cold, but immensely beautiful, song against grey skies -- until things go up in flames at the video's climax.

'Colder Weather' is the second single from Zac Brown Band's 2010 album 'You Get What You Give.'

The video can be watched on ZBB's official website, but you must sign up to receive updates from the band before you can view it.