It's official, the McRib is back! Food fans across America celebrated the return of the McRib to McDonald's on Monday, including country music's own Zac Brown Band. The group, who are self-proclaimed eaters, even declared their love of the barbecued pork sandwich to their followers on Twitter.

"The McRib is back! That is all," ZBB tweeted, which resulted in hundreds of re-tweets by their fans (and fellow McRib lovers).

While many bands hold meet and greet sessions for lucky fans, Zac Brown Band play host to 'eat and greets,' where fans can mingle with the band and dine on Southern-inspired grub prepared onsite by the band's signature chef with Zac Brown's own spice rub and brown sauce. Should Chef Rusty ever take a much-needed break, we think a Zac Brown Band McRib eat and greet would be the promotion of the year.

The McRib has been bringing drones of folks to the golden arches since its debut in 1981, and 2011 will be no different. In 2005, McDonald's released a statement that the McRib would be no more after its 'final run': the McRib Farewell Tour. Still, in 2007 it bounced back thanks to the effort of thousands of food fans petitioning to "save the McRib," and it has been going strong every October since.

The McRib is once again available at McDonald's restaurants, though if you're hungry, you'd better grab one fast -- the McRib will return to retirement after just three weeks on November 14.