Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band makes no secret of his love for food. At his shows, he and his namesake band offer gourmet southern fare at "eat and greets" for fan club members, all of which is cooked by a team of chefs. In a recent radio interview, Brown even talked about making homemade icing for muffins for his girls one morning. It makes sense that Brown is considering translating his love of food to the small screen.

He revealed, via The Associated Press, that he is in talks to do a cooking show. He said that he "definitely will do that one day."

Brown says he lives a life that would play out well on TV. He also takes food as seriously as he takes his music, and that the group members' lives are "just pretty entertaining." So a hybrid cooking/reality show featuring ZBB would be fully compelling, to say the least.

The possibilities of the overall concept or theme of such a show are endless. Maybe fans could enter to win the chance to cook with Brown. Maybe they could tweet recipe suggestions of fare they'd like to see him make. Maybe they could do cooking contests among the band members. Maybe they could create dishes and entrees based on the band's song titles. See where this is going? Its concept is infinite and could be incredibly delicious!