Zac Brown is creating quite the musical legacy these days. The Zac Brown Band dominates the country singles chart with every release, and each of their three studio albums are currently in the Top 20 country albums chart.

But what he hopes to pass down to his four daughters goes well beyond music. "I want them to grow up canning in the kitchen with us and making preserves," Brown tells Southern Living magazine of one of the many things he hopes to pass down to his girls over time. "[I want them] to learn what it means to really fish, [and] what it means to have a job. I want to make sure they know that there's no free ride. You don't want spoiled kids in high school that end up being worthless later on. I want to teach them perspective. That's important."

As a renowned chef in his own right, Brown will definitely pass down the craft of cooking southern cuisine, as well. After all ... it's the southern way! "In the South, you gather around food," notes Brown. "Your kitchen is your living room, whether you want it to be or not."

That philosophy has been extended over to his band's way of mingling with their fans each night. "Some artists do backstage meet-and-greets; I do an eat-and-greet," he explains. "And we've just opened the Southern Ground Social Club -- a mash-up of great Southern food, art gallery, knife shop, leather shop and tattoo parlor in Senoia [Georgia]."

To continue the marriage of their love for music and food, Brown and his bandmates recently announced the all-star lineup to their 2012 Southern Ground Music and Food Festivals set for Nashville, Tenn. (Sept. 21-22) and Charleston, N.C. (Oct. 20-21). Click here for more information on the event and how to purchase tickets.