A song for the folks that stole our van and trailer...

Posted by Zane Williams on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Zane Williams took a serious hit to his touring operation when thieves stole his van and trailer, and the singer-songwriter has a few choice words for those responsible.

Williams posted a new song to Facebook that was inspired by the theft. "To the folks who stole my van and trailer, first of all," he begins, "I'm flattered you like my CDs so much you just had to take them all." That said, he indicates there are a few items that he and his band would like returned, including a 100-year-old fiddle that's "one of a kind and hard to replace."

"You can make it easy, you can bring it back to our next show," he sings. "We'd all love to meet you, if you think that you can make it, let us know."

Williams warns the thieves about the guitar and amp they stole, saying, "You'll drive the neighbors crazy ... you don't want them thinking you're no good and lazy." But he also runs through a list of things the criminals left behind, including talent, dedication and "the goodwill of folks everywhere who love the way the music makes them feel." He ends with a sharp verbal jab to the thieves, saying, "Those are things that you can never have, 'cause those are things that you can't steal."

The theft took place on Saturday (May 16) off I-45 in Houston. Among the missing items are a 2012 Ford E350 van, a Matchless amp and a Telecaster. Williams posted the items to Facebook so fans can be on the lookout.

Texas music community: please keep an eye out for these items, which were stolen from us Saturday off I-45 in...

Posted by Zane Williams on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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