Abi's "A Day Without" is the kind of tightly-worded, universal artist statement a country newcomer needs to take a serious step forward. She'll speak directly to many trudging through one of life's valleys without bringing the rest of the room down.

Is Abi's "A Day Without" a love song? A breakup song? A three-minute tribute to a lost loved one? That's open to interpretation if you don't know the Texas native's backstory. The pop-country melody feels crafted for Abi's smokey, dynamic voice — you'll recall Michelle Branch (the pop version or the country version) as she describes a set of circumstances under which she will not thrive.

While not self-written, Abi has no trouble making the song personal. In her biography she reveals that she lost her father at a young age, explaining how her sadness was driven by "the sheer thought of losing someone and how absolutely terrifying it is, but also the deep love you must have for an individual to feel like you cannot go on a day without them."

The 2015 Indie Music Channel's Teen Artist of the Year's debut single officially hits radio on Monday (May 21). Taste of Country is proud to offer the exclusive first listen.

Did You Know?: The late Andrew Dorff from Abi's "A Day Without" with Jimmy Robbins.

Abi's "A Day Without" Lyrics:

A day without the sun would get me pretty bummed / But I can learn to love the moon / A day without a song would be way too long / But I could dance to a different tune / If I had to baby I could get by.

But a day without you / I can’t imagine / That’s just something I can’t do / Without you baby I got nothing / I don’t wanna know / No I wanna go a / Day without you, without you.

A day without whiskey ain’t gonna kill me / I’ll catch a buzz on something else / So take away the air I breathe, I don’t care / Take the heart right from my chest / If I had to baby I would find a way.

Take away my dream / Take away my freedom / Baby I don't need 'em. 

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