Billy Currington’s ‘Don’t It’ is the first single from an upcoming sixth studio album. Sonically, the Georgia-based singer continues to nudge his beach-inspired style forward. He's amongst the best at marrying traditional and modern elements of the genre.

Currington has built upon the style he first introduced in ‘Good Directions’ eight years ago. Upbeat, positive love songs are his thing. He’s yet to dive back into the pits of despair for a radio single, but he doesn’t need to, because each new release sounds as fresh as the last.

Come on baby, bring on it / It’s one of those stars fallin’, love callin’ get ya feelin’ all right nights / Sounds good, don’t it, don’t it,” he sings at the chorus

‘Don’t It’ begins with a little surf from the ocean, and a chorus of “Hey, hey, hey” sets the tone for a good-time jam.

"Baby, don’t say no so quick / This ain’t about me tryin’ to see how far that I can get / But I ain’t gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind just a little bit of you and I / Eye to eye, lips on lips, swayin’ to the music / Real close, we could we both use a little a let go kinda night / Baby, if you want a good time …”

'Don't It' is easy to say yes to. Jaren Johnston, Ashley Gorely and Ross Copperman penned a sweet lyric that Currington just soaks up. Expect a new album from this singer in 2015.

Why Fans Will Love It: Billy Currington is as good as anyone at picking songs that match his style. An infectious melody and the singer's charm make this song irresistible.

Key Lyrics: "Baby if you want a good time / We can get on it / Take a shot or you can sip on it / Find a floor and we can dance on it, slow song it / Far as I can tell that finger ain’t got no ring on it"

Did You Know?: Currington has quietly become one of country music's most reliable hitmakers. He's totaled nine No. 1 hits, including six of his last eight singles since 2009.

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