The summer's biggest party is on board 'The Booze Cruise,' an infectious new track from Blackjack Billy. From the first hit of electric guitar, one finds himself inspired to stand up and shake it, even if -- or especially if -- office etiquette discourages such behavior.

The song is an absolute buzz -- the perfect gin to summertime's tonic. Clever lyrics and a melody that grabs your attention like that hottie oiling up with sunblock make this an easy song to finish before you realize you've begun.

"The booze cruise, summer groove / I wanna see your booty move / Looks like you need another / So let me mix you up a / Redneck margarita / You know the one just straight tequila / All aboard we're cutting loose / So come on jump on / The booze cruise," the guys sing during each chorus.

Nine times out of 10 added shouts and hollers from an in-studio peanut gallery feel as comfortable as the old man playing beach volleyball in a Speedo, but here it helps fuel the fun. Fans of Florida Georgia Line will appreciate, and maybe even wander away to enjoy this song.

"Don't need bait, no line because / We're just catchin' us a buzz / Pass around some of that good stuff / Till dawn, it's on / Joe got drunk and fell in the lake / Ray passed out but make no mistake / Any minute now he'll wake in bake / Burn it up, turn it up / Come on jump on ..."

But 'The Booze Cruise' might not be sturdy enough to float past summer. It's every bit as catchy as 'Cruise,' but loses some appeal because the country/hip-hop genre is getting flooded with lesser songs right now. In general, this new style lacks substance, but Blackjack Billy rock it as well as anyone.

Listen to Blackjack Billy, 'The Booze Cruise'