The Voice just had its season finale, but big changes are already on their way for Season 11, including the addition of two new coaches: Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus.

Longstanding coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will remain at their current position, but Shelton opened up to Access Hollywood and voiced his concern about the fresh faces, but in a totally complementary way.

"God, I hope [Miley] sucks," Shelton admits with a laugh. "I hope she sucks, I hope Alicia sucks and I know Adam sucks ... But I have a feeling she probably won't."

Cyrus is no stranger to the set of The Voice, as she appeared as a mentor earlier in the year. She brought a new dynamic then, and Shelton is excited to see what more she can bring as a permanent cast member.

"I think she'll probably work hard at this because she's definitely someone who thinks, obviously, thinks outside the box and so I know she's going to bring her own elements, as far as mentoring, into the show," he says. "I think The Voice needs it, I think we need her."

So what does Cyrus think about all this? When she stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon recently to discuss her predictions for the upcoming season, she said she plans on giving Shelton a run for his money and taking home the gold during her first year in the judge's seat.

"Blake made a joke of he knows why I always have my tongue out, it's because it's always tired because I never stop talking," Cyrus dishes. "But he's gonna regret that when I win."

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