With the release of 'This Is Country Music' only one day away, Brad Paisley has unveiled the video for his second single off of the album, 'Old Alabama.' The song and video both feature iconic southern rockers Alabama, while the NASCAR-themed video also has appearances from legendary drivers Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon and Rick Hendrick.

Before the clip started rolling, Paisley included a special message about his and NASCAR's philanthropic efforts. Paisley is donating all of the royalties from the sale of the 'Old Alabama' digital single to the tornado victims via the Red Cross, while NASCAR is selling bracelets in order to raise funds for the victims down South, as well.

The 'Old Alabama' video kicks off with some comedy from Mr. Paisley and his NASCAR pal Jeff Gordon. The pair is standing in the parking lot of a drive-in movie theater, watching old-school clips of Alabam performing. Paisley tells Gordon, "I used to be in Alabama a while back," to which Gordon responds, "You would've been, what, 10?" A straight-faced Paisley looks at Gordon, replying, "Yeah that's about right," as black-and-white footage of the country rock band rolls with a 10-year-old Paisley look-a-like by their sides shredding on guitar.

The video continues with Paisley tooling around the countryside of Charlotte, N.C., in a vintage, James Bond-esque black convertible, as his female counterpart drives along in a matching red vehicle. Clips of NASCAR icons Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon, and Rick Hendrick all roll between performance shots of Paisley and Alabama rocking out and goofing around. A portion of the high-energy and fun-filled video was also filmed at the Hendrick Motor Sports Complex in Concord, N.C., taking the NASCAR video one step further.

'Old Alabama' is featured on Paisley's upcoming album 'This Is Country Music,' which will be released tomorrow, Monday, May 23.

Watch the Brad Paisley 'Old Alabama' Video