Many country artists have tried their hand at acting, but Brantley Gilbert doesn't plan to join their ranks just yet.

While Gilbert claims he hasn't been bitten by the acting bug, the 'You Don't Know Her Like I Do' hitmaker did score a part on ABC's 'Nashville.' Gilbert made a cameo in the show's first season, but it sounds like the singer doesn't think that role counts as acting.

"I was playing myself," Gilbert says in an interview with WWGP. "So, that’s something I’m pretty good at. I’m not too good at being fake or being somebody else."

For now, Gilbert doesn't plan on taking on any roles unless he comes across a script that suits him. “If I read a script in the future that I feel like I could have a little fun with or that reflects me well, it may be one of those things that I try out," he adds. "But, of course, music’s my number one priority.”

Right now, music is about all Gilbert has time for. The country rocker has plans to tour extensively during August and September, and he has talked about working on a new album.

Looks like we'll have to wait a while to catch him on the silver screen!