If Carrie Underwood's 'Blown Away' lyrics have a familiar vibe to you, they should. The tune -- which was just announced as her new single and is the title track to her latest album -- was penned by two songwriters who Underwood frequently turns to when recording an album, Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear. The pair also credited with writing her smash, 'Before He Cheats.'

"Josh walked in, and I had a little string part going," Tompkins tells Taste of Country of the day they wrote the lyrics to 'Blown Away.' "For the first hour, we basically worked on building that up. It sounded dark and it sounded like it was going some where and something was going to happen. This song has that kick-drum going through the whole song, where it sounds like it’s somebody’s heart beating really fast. I had basic instrument things down. I have this little bank on my keyboard where it has all these sound effects on it. I was going through them trying to find some cool sound effects for the intro, and I landed on one that was a thunderstorm. I think that’s what kind of threw us into it. We just started writing it."

"Dry lighting cracks across the skies / Those storm clouds gather in her eyes / Her daddy was a mean old mister / Momma was an angel in the ground / The weatherman called for a twister / She prayed blow it down," they wrote in the opening lyrics.

"We didn’t know that we were going to kill the father in the song," notes Tompkins. "We just kind of wrote it like we did ‘Before He Cheats.’ I had written that first verse, and then Josh came in, and I didn’t know that we were going to beat up a car. Josh said, ‘Sounds like she’s angry … what would a girl do in a parking lot who was angry?’ ‘Blown Away’ was the same where we were writing it, and it just started unfolding."

"She heard the sirens screaming out / Her daddy laid passed out on the couch / She locked herself in the cellar / Listened to the screaming of the wind / Some people call it taking shelter / She called it sweet revenge / There's not enough rain in Oklahoma / To wash the sins out of that house / There's not enough wind in Oklahoma / To rip the nails out of the past," they continued in the song's second verse and pre-chorus.

"Oklahoma was a good choice anyway, because they get hit by tornadoes, but then obviously Carrie Underwood’s from Oklahoma," says Tompkins. "Right when we hit that, it was like, 'Ok … we’re on a Carrie Underwood song.'"

"Shatter every window / Til it's all  blown away / Every brick every board / Every slamming door blown away / Til there's nothing left standing / Nothing left of yesterday / Every tear soaked whiskey memory blown away / Blown away," they wrote in the 'Blown Away' chorus.

"It’s kind of dark, but Carrie loved the song," Tompkins says. "She says that she heard the song on her headphones on her bus or something. She listened to part of it, and then ran and put it on the big speakers so she could listen to it. She fell in love with it. Apparently it’s the song that made her want to go back in and start recording again, so that’s pretty cool.

"It’s not even mine and Josh’s song anymore; it’s her song now," Tompkins continues. "She’s completely claimed it. The song is Carrie. It’s not even a song that had a chance of being pitched to anybody else. It’s a completely different type of song for Carrie. She’s got a lot of pop elements, and I listen to a lot of pop, but I listen to everything from Randy Newman to Mozart to Rihanna to Steely Dan. I think all that stuff shows up in my music, and I think it showed up in ‘Blown Away.’"

Tompkins adds, "Josh and I have always been blessed to be a part of that Carrie Underwood thing. We’re hoping that ‘Blown Away’ will be in that ‘Before He Cheats’ world of songs that there’s nothing else like. We’re real happy with it."