Carter's Chord sing that a marriage has grown a bit too predictableand hope for something 'A Little Less Comfortable' on their new single of the same name. The single will be available digitally on Feb. 1.

Over a muted acoustic guitar, the trio sing fondly of the early days of a relationship, with a couple reveling in each others' company despite being penny-rolling broke. The music slowly gains momentum as a full band comes in, but things stay downbeat and reflective throughout.

Now, we've got no reason to think any of the sisters in the band -- Becky, Emily and Joanna Robertson -- are having these problems in real life. Songwriting isn't always like writing a diary. But, if any of them are married, you gotta figure their husbands got a little nervous when they heard these lyrics for the first time:

"Back when you would wake me up in the middle of the night / Kiss me like your lover instead of just your wife / Unpredictable / It was wonderful / A little less comfortable."

So, what do you think the husbands did? Set an alarm to go off really quietly at three in the morning so they could "spontaneously" surprise their wife?

So far there has been no announcement about a full-length album to accompany 'A Little Less Comfortable,' but Carter's Chord are on the road in support of the new single. Their tour will include a performance at the famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Listen to Carter's Chord, 'A Little Less Comfortable'