Taste of Country Nights

Taste of Country Nights is the perfect blend of great country songs, real life and artist interviews that will make you feel like you’re hanging out with old friends. The show broadcasts live from Nashville to nearly 100 radio stations nationwide, so you can access the hottest acts in country music from anywhere! Sam Alex’s congenial nature and Producer Amber’s sassy attitude are a great combination of sweet and spicy, and you won’t be able to get enough.

  • Who: Hosted by Sam Alex, friend of country stars and fans!
  • What: A world class radio show covering all of the happenings in country music today.
  • When: Taste of Country Nights airs nightly Monday through Friday from 7PM to midnight!
  • Follow Us: Like us a lot? Follow us on Twitter for more fun. Click here.
  • Listen: Taste of Country Nights is a syndicated night show which airs on nearly 100 radio stations nationwide. Listen to highlights on iTunes or your Android device.

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