It's been almost a year since Clay Walker had a song on the radio. Often that means new music is imminent, but the Texas singer's new single, 'Like We Never Said Goodbye,' is another from his 2010 album 'She Won't Be Lonely Long.' Much like the title track, Walker's soulful vocals feel effortless. It's much too easy to fall into a good Clay Walker song.

'Like We Never Said Goodbye' is the story of a romance rekindled after a chance meet-up in a small town watering hole. The singer's optimism and hopeful spirit shines through as he sings the catchy but not hooky chorus: "How you been been a while, tell me how's your mama / You said good, you can sit down if you wanna / I said, I was just thinkin' 'bout Oklahoma / The wild roller coaster ride we had that summer / 'Fore we knew it we were on our second glass of wine / Sittin' there talkin' just like, we had never said goodbye."

Time spent becoming familiar with these lyrics is time well spent. Songwriters Cory Batten and Tiffany Goss avoid repetition and cliche. Instead, one is asked to fall for the soft piano and smooth voice of Walker. It's not a proposition everyone -- especially younger fans -- will have the patience for.

"Well even after all that time well it clicked just like before / Maybe a little more / 'Fore we knew it they were closin' up the joint yeah, stackin' them chairs / Lockin' them doors / I asked the waitress would she mind if we slept there and stayed for breakfast / We both laughed / You grabbed your purse, and I paid our tab /Standin' underneath the moon /I couldn't help but ask," Walker sings during the final verse.

'Like We Never Said Goodbye' relies on a unique meter, a sort of bouncy shuffle that is familiar because we're familiar with Walker, but otherwise totally original. It may not be a song that makes a great first impression, but in its own sneaky way it becomes an ear worm.

Listen to Clay Walker, 'Like We Never Said Goodbye'