Sharp lyrics, fine storytelling and an undeniable familiarity make Cole Swindell’s new booty-call song unique. ‘Hope You Get Lonely Tonight’ lacks the moody drama of hits like ‘Need You Now.’ This singer’s approach is much more relatable.

Swindell isn’t a superb country vocalist, but he is a fine writer and storyteller. The details of this song are familiar (“Baby, taste the moon shining off of your lips") but he uses country tropes in unique ways. His words dance on top of a relatively flat melody.

“If you got a bottle you ain't opened yet / And an empty spot beside ya in your bed / If you got some room for a little regret / Let me know girl, I've already left,” Swindell sings to close the first verse. The production is thick with guitar and synthesizers, but nothing gets in the way of this fine lyric.

I don't care if you're spinnin' in the neon / Or burnin' up the sheets with my tee on / Either way the thought is turning me on / And I can't shake it girl, I'm wide awake, so,” he adds.

Just two singles into a promising country career, Swindell is establishing his own indescribable brand. There’s an every-guy-ness to this hit, much like there was with ‘Chillin’ It.’ Similar songs from other artists come with bombast, but this Georgia-raised singer feels like the sort of guy who will take “no” for an answer.

Why Fans Will Love It: Swindell is uniquely capable of expressing the every-man point of view. He's not a top tier vocalist, but his stories feel more sincere and real than much of what's recorded and released in modern day country.

Key Lyrics: "We ain't gotta make up, just kiss me / We could straight up blame it on the whiskey / You ain't gotta wake up and miss me, no / I hope you get lonely tonight"

Did You Know?: This is the brainchild of a hot songwriting trio. Swindell, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley also teamed up to pen Florida Georgia Line's 'This Is How We Roll.'

Listen to Cole Swindell, ‘Hope You Get Lonely Tonight’

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