In his new single, country rapper Colt Ford touches on the sensitivity of dad/daughter relationships, and what it feels like to lose a little girl to a new man in her life. Craig Morgan offers a soft vocal backing in this tune, giving it the extra oomph that it needs.

"It seems like yesterday we were bringing you home / I was so scared to hold ya, now I'm scared to let go," Ford raps slowly in the intro, referring to how quickly his daughter has grown up.

As the song continues, Ford's hole grows wider when his daughter finds a teenage boy to replace him -- but he stresses to her that she'll always be "Daddy's little girl."

We admire Ford offering us a piece of his huge heart, but the real goldmine here is Morgan's vocal contribution on the chorus. "She likes to ride in trucks / She don't need me around near as much / I wish I could slow her down, but my baby's growing up / And she likes to ride in trucks," Morgan sings sweetly and smoothly, against a gentle guitar accompaniment.

In this personal track, Ford even gives a direct shout out to his offspring, letting her know that he loves her. Still -- though we appreciate Ford -- we find ourselves longing for more of Mr. Morgan, as it feels he doesn't get enough of a chance to show off his skills in the three-and-a-half minute single.

'She Likes to Ride in Trucks' is the second single from the 'Country Thang' rapper's brand new album, 'Every Chance I Get,' which hit shelves on May 3.

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Preview Colt Ford feat. Craig Morgan, 'She Likes to Ride in Trucks'

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