Craig Morgan is back on country radio with his new single, 'This Ole Boy,' which is the first release from his forthcoming album on indie label, Black River Music Group. The writers responsible for the tune are none other than Nashville's hottest writing trio, the Peach Pickers -- Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip and Dallas Davidson.

"Dallas had the groove going when he came in to write that day," Hayslip tells Taste of Country.

"Then we just started singing some of those little melodic things in the verses," Davidson adds. "It's just a fun song about growing up like we did. We got those butterflies from that girl ... you drove her around ... you did go to the river ... you did start thinking about wanting to marry her. I think so many people can relate to that, and hopefully Craigy can do something with it."

"She sweetens my tea and butters my biscuit / I am who I am and buddy she gets it / I ain’t gotta change a thing / I don’t know if it could get any better but man if it doesn’t I reckon I better / Get to pickin’ out a ring," they wrote in the tune.

"It was a pretty quick song to write, once we got going," notes Hayslip. "That’s one of those songs that all three of us can relate to. It was right up our alley. It’s about where we grew up, what we did on dates, and it always helps when Dallas comes in with one of those rockin’, good grooves."

"This ole boy got it going on / Got the good Lord smilin’ on me / Her big blue eyes and the sweet red wine / Got me buzzin’ like a bee / She’s got her pretty little head on my shoulder / No one else gets to hold her / But this ole boy," they wrote for the song's chorus.

"I went on the road with Craig Morgan last year to write songs," recalls Akins. "Craig gets up like at 5AM I think every day. He doesn’t sleep but about three hours! I heard this noise in the front room. I was like, ‘What is that?’ It was Craig singing ‘This Ole Boy’ while making coffee in the front of the bus by himself. He had it nailed. It’s a hard song to sing if you don’t know it well because the phrasing is really tough in certain parts. I knew then [after hearing him sing it] that this song was meant for Craig."

"It fits Craig’s life, too," Akins continues. "He grew up here in Tennessee and grew up the same way. He told me that. He said, ‘Man, this song is right up my alley.’ I think songs wind up where they’re supposed to be. We try to get certain artists to sing them, and we hope that this person sings it or this person cuts it, then it doesn’t make the record and you get mad and you get frustrated, but I think most songs wind up where they’re meant to be. You never know why certain songs wind up where they do, but I think this song was meant for Craig’s voice."

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