Dan + Shay continue to brand themselves as country’s sweetest pop sound. “Nothin’ Like You” is the duo’s newest single from Where It All Began. The midtempo love song is musical cotton candy.

Credit Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney for building a brand in just over a year. Fans know exactly what to expect when they see them perform or dial up their debut album on the iPod. In “Nothin’ Like You,” Mooney is recalling how he met his sweetie:

“I remember when I first met you / Sipping coffee in a corner booth / You were twirling your hair / And I just had to stare for a minute or two / I was laughing at your stack of books / Then you shot me that smile / Hey beautiful girl, in your own little world / Let me in it,” he sings.

The duo wrote the song with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley, and together the group paints a vivid picture. “Nothin’ Like You” lacks no details despite checking in at a tidy three minutes.

“Something about you / Rocking that rock 'n' roll T-shirt / We're at a party dressed up / But you just doing your thing / Ain't nobody ever seen nothin' like you,” they sing at the chorus.

All three Dan + Shay singles roll at the same tempo, but lyrical integrity keeps one from sounding too similar to the next. They’re the rare act who should write every song on a debut album.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Nothin' Like You" is a deliciously sweet and vivid love story.

Key Lyrics: "I love the way that you kiss me / In front of everybody / So baby come and kiss me / They ain't ever seen nothin’, nothin' like you."

Did You Know?: They may sound sweet, but at least one half of Dan + Shay likes it sour. Smyers told Taste of Country about Mooney's recent emergency root canal. He said he was blaming his partner's love of Sour Patch Kids.

Listen to Dan + Shay, “Nothin’ Like You”

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