When you listen to Danielle Bradbery's new song "Human Diary," don't be surprised if you feel the same striking emotions as she did. That's exactly how she wants you to feel.

The emotionally jarring song finds the young singer baring her vulnerable soul to the man she loves, who knows all of her deepest secrets. Bradbery admits that the day she entered the studio to record "Worth It," "Human Diary" writers Emily Weisband and Josh Kerr knew something was off -- and they were right. Dealing with the pain of a rocky relationship, when Bradbery was presented with "Human Diary," it was like a strike to the heart.

"I was sitting there on the ground and I started bawling my eyes out because I've never heard a song that scared me," Bradbery reminisces, adding that in the event of a breakup, the song would've touched on everything she was feeling. "It was a situation that I didn't want to happen, but it was in the same element of something that could personally. It was like, 'This is perfect for what's going on right now.'"

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Recording the song was just as emotional as singing it, with Weisband turning down the lights and lighting a candle to set the tone. "It was amazing. It was a feeling that I've never had singing somebody else's song," Bradbery says. "I remember choking up just singing it."

But "Human Diary" is so much more than an emotional ballad for the rising star. It helped put her on the track of what type of songs she longs to record. The rawness of the song and her authentic connection to it allowed her to realize she wants all of her songs to deeply resonate with fans.

"That kind of inspired me later on to have the goal of having songs so personal and so real like that, so that feeling can go on with my fans," she explains.  "Because I wanted my fans to feel that connected."

"Human Diary" is featured on Bradbery's 2017 album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Metdue out Dec. 1.

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