Though Darius Rucker has built a strong solo career in country music, fans can’t help but wonder if he’ll ever go back to his roots with his '90s rock band, Hootie and the Blowfish. Rucker has been hinting at a reunion in interviews this year, but on the Today show in August he gave some more details on the project.

"Still working on [a reunion]," he tells Today. "We're writing songs, which is great because we're not going to do it until we have 13 songs that we love, that we think are great. ... So it'll be real soon."

In March, the artist said a reunion was definitely on the table. "People still ask me if we're getting back together, and we are," he explained. "It's just a matter of doing it at the right time."

Fans of Rucker, both new and old, will be excited to hear the time is finally almost here.

The artist’s most recent album, Southern Style, released March 31 and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Albums chart. Its title track was officially released as a single in May. He’s currently on the Southern Style Tour, which kicked off earlier this month and runs through late November.

Rucker is also slated to appear in the upcoming concert film about the Grand Ole Opry, which will premiere Dec. 4.

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