After Lady Antebellum scored the ACA award for Group of the Year, Dierks Bentley eased the tension by performing on stage. Naturally, Bentley sang about relaxing with a little bit of booze when he put on a rocking rendition of his song 'Country & Cold Cans.'

Before Bentley took the stage, Kristen Bell scandalized the audience by asking a group of guys in the front row if she could go home with them. It's a good thing she prepared the audience for some adult subject matter, though, because shortly after, Bentley took the stage to sing about whiskey and icy cold ones.

Clad in his signature outfit of a backwards black hat, jeans and a T-shirt, Bentley was ready to rock out from the moment he walked on stage. Fortunately, his band was up for the task, too. While his band played perfectly in tune with 'Country & Cold Cans,' images of Bentley's fans having a blast at his concerts played in the background.

His live rendition of his hit song was the perfect way to continue the hyped-up 2012 American Country Awards. His performance was all about good music and having a good time.