Don Henley’s “Words Can Break Your Heart” is a soft love ballad that is capable of ripping open old wounds. His song with Trisha Yearwood relies on a simple arrangement and a beautifully efficient chorus.

“It only takes a breath or two / To tear your world apart / Sticks and stones may break your bones / But words can break your heart,” Henley sings, with Yearwood harmonizing. It’s not a duet, but the female vocals more than round out the production.

“Cutting words from careless lips / Softly spoken / Oh you can do damage, never scream or shout / Emotions get the best of us / Say things we don’t need / It’s too late to take ‘em back once they’re out,” he adds during the second verse.

The feathery touch of a confident drummer moves the story along as a few guitars (steel and electric) weave around the two vocalists. “Words Can Break Your Heart” is an easily-accessible ballad with a great hook.

Why Fans Will Love It: Two timeless voices come together for a classic lusting-for-love song.

Key Lyrics: “Sticks and stones may break your bones / But words can break your heart.”

Did You Know?: In some ways, Yearwood is returning a favor. Henley appeared on her song "Walkaway Joe" in 1992 and on "Inside Out" in 2001.

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