Eric Church is climbing up the country singles chart with his new hit, 'Drink in My Hand,' the latest single from his newly-released album, 'Chief.' The tune is a good time party song about looking forward to the end of the work day or week when he can sit back and have a nice cold beverage. When it came time for video treatments for 'Drink in My Hand,' it was a natural fit to do a live video, since Church's inspiration for the song came from seeing his fans holding their long-neck bottles high in the air night after night.

"We shot the video at the Council Bluff show we did recently," Church reveals to Taste of Country. "I'd went there for the sole purpose of getting live footage and maybe doing a video, but just filming the show. The crowds were so great there that we just kind of decided on the fly that we would shoot the video. It wasn't really planned out, and I haven't seen it yet [laughs]! It's really just showing our live show and showing some of the stuff that went on during those shows in Council Bluff, and really just trying to show what 'Drink in My Hand' looks like live. We got some shots of the crowd, and at one point I jumped off into the crowd a little bit ... it was pretty damn crazy! It was something that was fun to get on camera."

'Drink in My Hand' is the follow-up release to Church's Top 15 hit, 'Homeboy,' which showed the other side of the spectrum of the multi-talented singer-songwriter. While 'Homeboy' charted high, his album, 'Chief,' charted even higher when it debuted at No. 1 on both Billboard's country albums chart and the all-genre albums chart. The accomplishment was astounding, especially coming from a guy who in the past had struggled to even be heard on country radio.

"It's been crazy to see how fast it's got to where it's gotten," Church says of his latest single, which is nearing the Top 20 after just five weeks on the charts. "It's nuts ... very foreign to me [laughs]! It's a foreign experience from what I normally have to go through, so it's fun right now to see it do so well and to see people responding to it. It's a song that just relates to everybody."

"I did some interviews [recently] with Europe, and we were doing some stuff with Ireland," he continues. "The guy said that the most brilliant line he'd ever hear was 'No need to complicate it / I'm a simple man / All you got to do is put a drink in my hand.' He said that just fits everybody in Ireland, and I just started laughing. It's funny how music can find it's way into all different walks of life."

Church is currently out on the road with JT Hodges and Toby Keith on the 2011 Locked and Loaded Tour. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour is stopping.