Faith Hill has been honored by her home town for her career in country music.

The country star originally hails from the small town of Star, Miss., but she left home early to pursue her musical dreams in Nashville. She made them come true and then some, selling more than 40 million albums worldwide, scoring a string of No. 1 hits and winning five Grammy awards over the course of the last few decades. She has also been notable for her philanthropy, and has made occasional forays into acting. Her marriage to Tim McGraw only increased the couple's individual star power.

In recognition of those many achievements, Hill was honored at a ceremony on Sunday (Dec. 20) at the corner of Main and Magnum streets in Star, where her official marker on the Mississippi Country Music Trail was unveiled. Hill was unable to attend, but her father and brother were on hand to represent her at the ceremony, which put her in the company of other music greats including Tammy Wynette, Conway Twitty, Elvis Presley, Charley Pride and more.

The marker serves as a tribute to the singer's life in Star and afterward: “From the time of her childhood here in Star, Faith Hill demonstrated a zest for music and performing that took her to Nashville while still a teenager, and to stardom from the release of her first record in 1993. She became a dominant, glamorous face of country music, a major star in the broader pop music market, with tens of millions in record sales, and multiple awards, and an effective advocate for the culture and people of Mississippi on the national stage.”

Hill is moving behind the camera for her next venture. She is serving as executive producer for a new daytime talk show that will be co-hosted by Kellie Pickler.

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