While George Strait's newest single, 'Love's Gonna Make It Alright,' is unlikely to make many fans' Top 5 or Top 10 list, the easy, mid-tempo swinger is another in a long line of hits that gives one no reason to turn down the radio. Strait is a master at modifying his traditional approach just enough to make it still sound plenty modern.

The lead song from Strait's new 'Here for a Good Time' album is a reassuring love song. His are the words every woman wants to hear after a long day, and more than a few will enjoy hearing them from the King of Country.

"Girlm you had one of those days / Seem like they been going around / You are a long way from being where you want to be / When the world isn’t going your way / Whatever bad luck is getting you down / Honey I will be right here for you / With open arms, you can run to me," Strait sings to begin the song.

The chorus doesn't complicate an easy emotion. One could sing along to 'Love's Gonna Make It Alright' in his sleep. "Baby, love's gonna make it, love's gonna make it alright / Baby, love's gonna make it, love's gonna make it alright / Tonight, tonight, tonight."

Strait makes putting out a hit record sound so simple that it'd be easy to say he's getting lazy in his old age. Nothing could be further from the truth with this song. He brings the understated emotion necessary to the comforting lyric, and while it's not the meatiest of messages, it's still one to be appreciated.

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