A little drizzle and cold weather didn't dampen the atmosphere in Franklin, Tenn. Thursday night (Nov. 3), where Gloriana shot their new music video for their latest single, '(Kissed You) Good Night.' The steam rising from the wet streets set the tone for the steamy video, which stars Tyler Hilton of 'One Tree Hill' (who also played Drew in Taylor Swift's 'Teardrops on My Guitar' video) and his real-life girlfriend and actress, Megan Park ('The Secret Life of the American Teenager').

"We’re just really excited about this video," Gloriana's Rachel Reinert told Taste of Country from inside the house used to film parts of the video, as she and fellow bandmates Tom and Michael Gossin warmed up after filming in the 45 degree drizzle for hours. "It’s one of those songs that is really relateable for a lot of people. I feel like a lot of people have been through this experience of that first-kiss, awkwardness moment of when is it the right time. This video is just going to capture the essence of that song. It’s also a serious song, which we’ve never put out a song or a video like that before. We’re really looking forward to it."

The music video began looking like an epic movie with a cinematic treatment followed closely by the video's director, TK McKamy. As the story unfolded with each scene, Gloriana's Tom Gossin saw his words come to life, as he did the day he co-wrote the tune with Josh Kear.

"This is the story I saw playing out when we wrote it ... totally," beams Gossin. "Since the song was written with kind of a scene and vibe in mind, I think the video kind of built itself. It’s kind of one of those times where you want to see the song play out.

"One thing I was just thinking about when we were outside shooting was the lyric pushed you up against the wall," continues Gossin. "I love how both [characters in the song] say it, but it’s the fact that they both don’t realize they want the same thing. That’s the moment this song is trying to capture, when things work out and you’re like, 'Wow! I can’t believe I was so afraid of that, because now that’s happening.'"

Michael Gossin not only braved the cold weather for the outside scenes, but he was also in an unfortunate position on the tailgate of the truck where his boots were in a puddle of water during the multiple hours of filming. "This is the first video I’ve ever gone sockless and shoeless for," he joked after wrapping the outside shots.

'(Kissed You) Good Night' marks the first taste of new music from Gloriana as a trio since the departure of band member Cheyenne Kimball earlier this year. "We’re very excited about this song," says Michael Gossin. "We're excited about shedding a new light on people being able to hear the three individual voices … to be able to pick them out. We’re pumped."

"I think right now where we’re at is just a really good place," adds Reinert. "This band started out as the three of us, and now it’s just gotten back to our roots. We just feel really good about being a trio. We have a really good time with each other. We’re having a lot of fun. It’s exciting for people to kind of see us in this new chapter in our lives and as a band. I think that this whole record has really been about our growth together as a band, and kind of weathering the storm and getting through a difficult period. We’ve come out of it feeling really positive about where things are at and the reactions that we’ve been getting to our music and our songs on this new record. We’re feeling really great."