Texas country artist Granger Smith has given us some insight into his latest single, '5 More Minutes,' the final release from his 2009 album, 'Don't Listen to the Radio.'

The inspiration behind '5 More Minutes' begins with a true story -- the story of Smith's grandfather, who was a fighter pilot in WWII. The first line of the song, 'I think of my granddad in '44 / Overseas fighting in the war,' gives a personal touch from the Texas native to introduce the idea behind the song as a whole.

"Sometimes I write songs that are based around a hook or an idea, and sometimes I just write songs from the first line of the song and just keep going -- and that's what this one was," Smith tells Taste of Country. "I just started with that line and kind of worked down, and ended up with a sentimental song about wishing I had five more minutes."

Because the song centers around the importance of valuing the people closest to you, Smith decided to include some of the people closest to him in the music video. "We knew from the beginning that we wanted it to be a lot of different faces, but the original idea was to have strangers that we found on the street in Austin -- like a homeless guy, and a nurse, and a fire fighter -- people that kind of represented America," Smith says of the '5 More Minutes' video. "Then as we started doing it, we put a few guys from the band in, and then my parents. As we saw the familiar faces we thought, 'Wow, we need to scratch some of our strangers and do more familiar faces,' because it's a little bit more impactful to us when we see it."

'5 More Minutes' is the fourth single from Smith's 'Don't Listen to the Radio' album, which churned two Top 10 singles on the Texas Country Music chart. Smith is currently working on his next studio album, slated for later this year.

Watch the Granger Smith '5 More Minutes' Video