Texas country artist Granger Smith proves he's a songwriter that Nashville would be lucky to have with his new song 'Letters to London.' The singer squeezes every last drop of regret out of a lyric saturated with heartache.

There's little doubt that "London" is a woman Smith once knew. Yes, he does have a little girl named London, but this declaration of remorse is about a love he was forced to let go.

"Sometimes late at night / I sit up in bed and write / Letters to London / I use a pen and pad to try to prove that what we had / Had to mean something," Smith sings over piano and a light shaker to begin the song.

The song is a poet's therapy for Smith, as he admits in the second verse. The sharply penned chorus is the hallmark of the ballad. "I missed your Hollywood kiss / When your soft fingertips roll like tears down my skin / I didn't care of my beautiful love / Oh my God, what have I done / I let it become/ Letters to London."

Smith has a singer-songwriter delivery that will leave fans of the Nashville sound shrugging their shoulders, but those who demand a smarter lyric may have found a new artist to keep an eye on.

Listen to Granger Smith's 'Letters to London'