The new year will bring new music for fans of Texas country singer Granger Smith. The first single available for download is 'We Do It in a Field,' a wide-open country party song that paints a pretty familar picture to anyone who grew up unafraid of getting dirt on their jeans when having a good time.

This type of feel-good lyric is popular is recent months, but not yet overdone. Smith doesn't deliver much of a variation lyrically, aside from a cheeky joke we all know is coming.

The chorus goes:

"We do it in a field rocking all night till the sun comes up / We got a hundred blue cans / Sitting on ice in the back of my truck / George Strait blaring in a Chevrolet / We open up the doors wide and let it play / We do it in a field rocking all night till the sun comes up."

'We Do It in a Field' benefits from smart, reserved production -- at times, there's barely more than a banjo and Smith's voice. Sonically, there are some similarities to Florida Georgia Line's 'Cruise,' but the Texas native's song is less rock.

The third verse gets to the alternate meaning of "we do it in a field."

"My baby looks good in her little tank top / About 2AM we go sneaking off / We got a spot beneath a cottonwood tree / She knows what she’s gonna do to me," Smith sings.

At over three minutes long, a song this simple might be a bit too long. While not a total original, 'We Do It in a Field' is a blast of warm air as the cold push begins to tighten its grip on the country.

3.5 Stars

Listen to Granger Smith, 'We Do It in a Field'

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