What's remarkable about Hunter Hayes's three singles -- including his newest, 'Somebody's Heartbreak' -- is the consistency. There is nothing amateur about this country newcomer. All three fly flat along a bar raised high above the reach of many Nashville singers, both young and old.

Perhaps one could argue that peaks and valleys would add some drama or create a story of comeback and perseverance. Maybe Hayes needs to get caught making out with someone famous, or maybe he needs to insult his peers to grab a few headlines? Right now, his only vices seem to be coffee and music (we can only assume he makes one heck of a cup of coffee), and his laser focus is putting him on a fast track to stardom -- tabloids be damned.

'Somebody's Heartbreak' combines the pop sensibility of 'Storm Warning' with the passion and power of 'Wanted.' No one is going to call Hayes a traditionalist. He embraces country music a la Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts before adding his own meaningful stories and emotions.

"If you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak / If you're gonna be somebody's mistake / If you're gonna be somebody's first time, somebody's last time, baby be mine / If you're lookin' to be somebody's just friends / A little laughin', little lovin', never callin' again, that's just fine / If you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak / Be mine," he sings during the chorus. Pay attention to the subtle vocal inflections in this one. It's a savvy move to tease what you're capable of, but only reveal it all when the time (and song) is right.

"I guess that all I'm tryin' to tell you / Is a minute with you is better than two without / Oh, I won't be a fool but I can't play it cool / So I'm playin' safe and I'm breakin' the rules / I'm wishin' I had what I know that you got / So if you're comin' my way then please don't stop," Hayes asks of the girl he's singing to.

While all three of Hunter Hayes' first singles have been love songs, the 21-year-old has diversified his point of view since the first. Most importantly, he's made sure each song stands apart from the others on his self-titled album. Too often a vocalist chooses one color and uses it to paint broadly across all 12 or 14 tracks. We hear something new with every release from Hayes, and we eagerly anticipate what's next.

4.5 Stars

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