Hunter Hayes waltzes onto the country scene with a baby face and delightful charm, but fans should heed his warning -- his 'Storm Warning,' that is. The 19-year-old Louisiana native makes his debut with this sugary new single, straight out of his heart and onto your radio.

You may not have heard Hayes' name yet, but be prepared for it to stick. The young singer has opened for LeAnn Rimes and written a song for Rascal Flatts, and will further his musical education when he hits the road with Taylor Swift later this summer.

In 'Storm Warning,' Hayes shows regret for falling into the trap of a pretty lady. As the song opens, he asks anyone who will listen, "Have you ever noticed every hurricane gets its name from a girl like this?" And in the sticky-sweet chorus, he seems to know ahead of time that he's getting into trouble:

"I'm gonna wish I had a storm warning / I'm gonna wish I had a sign / I'm gonna wish I had a little heads up, a little leeway, a little more time / Some kind of radar system / Locked in on love / I've got a feeling by the time the night finds the morning / I'm gonna wish I had a storm warning."

Realistically, we think we should be the ones to take cover, because it's inevitable that Hayes is about to take country music by storm. His premiere single is light and airy, upbeat and catchy, but easy for anyone to relate to, and best of all, it's just in time for summer! 'Storm Warning' hit iTunes last week, is now impacting radio stations everywhere and can be previewed below.

Rating: 8/10

Listen to Hunter Hayes, 'Storm Warning'

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