Country cutie Hunter Hayes is the dream date of thousands of high school girls -- who wouldn't love to dance with a tux-clad singer at their high school prom, swaying to the beat of a sappy love song at the envy of all of their friends? Surprisingly, the country star insists that he'd actually make a terrible prom date. 

Although the 22-year-old has been invited to prom -- even by fellow young country singer Lauren Alaina (he turned her down) -- he hasn't ever been able to make it.

"I’ve gotten a few and I’m honored every single time and feel bad because we do five shows a week,” Hayes tells Albright & O'Malley & Brenner of his reaction to the invites. Not only does he have a very non-conducive schedule for prom, but Hayes also is convinced he wouldn't be any fun at the big high school celebration of the year.

“I wish I could actually attend one, because I think it would be fun, but I would probably be the most incredibly boring date to a prom, I got to be honest, I’m a terrible dancer and terribly shy naturally anyway,” Hayes spills. "Whoever would take me to prom would actually regret it greatly."

Though he's upfront about being the party pooper, the 'I Want Crazy' hitmaker's humility about his dance moves and honesty about being shy is likely too adorable to resist for his Hayniacs. He may be hesitant out on the dance floor, but it's clear that Hayes is completely confident onstage -- the stage is his comfort zone, he dishes.

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