Josh Turner took a break from preparing to headline tonight's Taste of Country concert in Buffalo, N.Y. this afternoon to speak to WYRK's John LaMond about his plans for the evening (June 3), which he says will include an off-stage basketball rematch with Chris Young.

Turns out that last year, Turner and Young were both out on the road with Alan Jackson. "I got to know Chris real well," Josh explains, "We played some basketball together." Now, maybe we're starting fights where there really aren't any, but Turner seems to think he got the better of most of those matches, based on his next comment: "He's a real good sport, a real good guy." See? You know who has to be a good sport? People who lose backstage basketball games, that's who!

Regardless of who wins at hoops, the 20,000 strong who are expected to attend tonight's show will be the true victors. Beautiful weather is in the forecast, and in addition to Turner and Young, country fans will get to enjoy the music of Josh Thompson, Chuck Wicks and Easton Corbin.

A few tickets are still available. You can get all the information on tonight's show, including exclusive photo galleries of the preparations for the big show, at Once you're there, be sure to pick up one of the special T-shirts the station made up just for the occasion, won't you?

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