Justin Moore's sneaky sense of humor is the lead character in his new single, 'Bait a Hook.' The laugh-out-loud funny country picker is the redemption that every guys looks for when checking out his ex-girlfriend's new love interest. Men are competitive, and deep down we all want to know we could kick his butt if we had to.

Moore is as comfortable puffing out his chest as he is opening it up as he does on songs like the No. 1 hit 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away.' The follow-up to that No. 1 hit is a little more frothy, but from a songwriting perspective 'Bait a Hook' is a wonderful study in finding just the right mishapen rhymes and rhythms to work with the previous ones.

The first verse goes, "I heard you had to drive him home after two umbrella drinks / I heard he's got a Prius, cause he's into being green / My buddies says he saw y'all eating that sushi stuff / Baby that don't sound like you, that don't sound like love." Early feelings of sympathy for this girl all but disappear by the song's end.

"He can't even bait a hook / He can't even skin a buck / He don't know who Jack Daniels is / Ain't ever drove a truck / Knows how to throw out a line / But not the kind in a Field and Stream book / No darlin' I ain't even worried, you'll come running back / He can't even bait a hook," Moore sings in the chorus.

"Tempo songs are sometimes tougher to write because you have to fit it in a specific spot," Moore told Taste of Country. "The melody has to be in specific spot, just the way that the grooves are." Moore and his songwriting partners pieced this one together with precision, leaving no rough edges for listeners to get snagged. By the end of the song, the singer has decided he's better off without the girl. The song is great example of many of the more playful songs on 'Outlaws Like Me.'

Listen to Justin Moore's 'Bait a Hook'