Keith Urban hasn't left much for criticism in recent years. The country superstar just continues to put out catchy, well-written pop-country songs that spread like cooties. Add 'You Gonna Fly' to the contagion list.

The uplifting song is one the more pensive and mysterious Keith Urban of five years ago may not have been able to pull off. The chorus is almost cheesy, but not in a roll-your-eyes sort of way. 'You Gonna Fly' just puts a big smile on your face from start to finish.

"You could be a black bird on the country street / Hiding from the world with a broken wing / But you better believe you gonna fly with me / You could be a songbird from a New Orleans / Scared of the rain just scared to sing / But you better believe you're gonna fly with me."

The delicious irony of this song is that by singing about lifting the spirits of someone special, Urban lifts our spirits. "God knows how long, but it's been a while / Since I heard you laugh and I'd seen that smile / Feel that kiss and I can get used to this / Baby I could get use to this," he sings during the second verse. Throw in a signature guitar solo, and you've got another three-and-a-half minute hit.

'You Gonna Fly' doesn't do much to separate itself from many of Urban's other uptempo hits, yet somehow his music hasn't become boring or predictable. If there is a criticism to be offered, it's that this song will get lost in his increasingly impressive catalog.

Preview Keith Urban's 'You Gonna Fly'