The lyrics to Kevin Fowler's chart-topping song 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer' started out as more of a conversation than a structured song trying to be written. Fowler co-wrote the tune along with hit singer-songwriter David Lee Murphy and Shane Minor one afternoon when the Texan was visiting Nashville.

"We were at my little farm house, and we started talking about beer," Murphy tells Taste of Country with a smile. "And hell yeah ... everybody likes beer [laughs]! We got together -- Shane, Kevin and I -- and we were just sitting around having a few beers and having fun. We just wrote it. It's real easy to do when you're having fun anyway."

"Hell yeah, I like beer / It gets me grinnin' from ear to ear / Not just every now and then / I'm talking 365 days a year / I can do it around the clock / I don't like it just a little, I like it a lot / Even hot, hell yeah, I like beer," they wrote in the lyrics to the song's chorus.

"We just got together and wrote it," continues Murphy, who also produced the tune found on Fowler's newest album, 'Chippin' Away.' "Then we recorded it for his record. When we started cutting it, everybody was pumped. It's just a fun song to record. When we cut that record, I just remember all the guys in the band were just having fun with it. It just feels fun. I think that's probably why people that are out there in clubs and fairs and rodeos -- wherever he plays -- when they hear it, they have a good time with it just because it's fun and lighthearted and goodnatured ... good times!"

"Yeah, it's good for your heart, it's good for your mind / It's good for gettin' through a lonely all night / Everybody knows you shouldn't drink too much / So why does it always seem like there's never enough," Fowler sings in the song.

"Kevin is such a great artist, and he's got so many folks who are crazy about him," says Murphy. "You go to his show, and you see why. He puts on a great show. That's just kind of part of his spirit ... 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer.' That's just his thing, so it just worked out great. I've seen him do it a couple of times live, and everybody that sings along with him loves beer, too [laughs]. They've had a few!"

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